Teacher Development Programme

Just as education is a lifelong process so our development as teachers continues long after formal training has finished. This six day course offers teachers the opportunity to experience new methodologies, enhance their skills and share experiences and good practice with each other.


The sessions are led by experienced teachers but equally important is the interactive nature of the course – inspiration is just as likely to come from fellow participants as from professional speakers and lecturers.


The course covers the following aspects of creative teaching:


  • Education – a creative art
  • The Teacher – the interactive artist
  • The Teacher – the interactive manager
  • The Lesson – with interactive engagement
  • The Building Blocks – English engagement
  • Using the Building Blocks – with interactive engagement
  • The English Language Structure – with interactive engagement
  • Making the Structure Understandable – with interactive engagement
  • Special Interest Focus – with interactive engagement
  • Practice Teaching – revision and being the artist
  • Diploma Awards


While the teaching of English forms the working base for the week’s journey, the adaptable methodologies and techniques also apply to most class/lecture room-based subjects. Group exercises will allow attendees to focus on their subject (if not English).


Length of course: 6 days (40 hours)

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