Pre-Sessional English

Our Foundation and Pre-Masters programmes include modules to improve your English language and study skills. However, for students who do not quite meet our English language requirements, and who want to increase their confidence about studying in the UK before the start of their main programme, we offer  pre-sessional courses of 12 or 30 weeks.


The main focus is on developing language skills in the four disciplines of reading, writing, speaking and listening. Teaching takes place in small groups and each student is assigned a personal tutor who will meet you at least once per week to discuss your progress.

Students will be taught different language techniques which include:


  • improving grammatical skills;
  • increasing range of general and specialised vocabulary;
  • enhancing sentence and paragraph structure;
  • improving reading skills and identifying key information and arguments;
  • interpreting tables and graphs;
  • tackling multiple choice questions;
  • speaking in a coherent and logical manner.

The course also introduces students to the study skills needed when starting your main programmes with us. They include:


  • note taking in lectures;
  • writing summaries;
  • writing extended pieces of work;
  • making presentations.


The course is a great way to acclimatise to living and studying in the UK, learning about UK culture, places to go and see in London, how to make the best use of public transport and so on. It’s also good to make friends with fellow students before the main course begins.

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We emphasise the importance of developing as an independent learner and your weekly individual tutorials will give you the opportunity to reflecting on your own strengths and weaknesses as well as getting feedback from your tutor.


Students study for 23 hours per week and are also expected to complete homework assignments each day. Your determination to improve will be matched by our teachers’ commitment to giving you the best possible preparation for future studies.


In 2017, the 12 week course runs from 13th June to 8th September.


Entry Requirements

Students will need to have an IELTS score of 4.0 in all 4 parts of the test.