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IFG is dedicated to providing  students with choice, not only in what they study but also in where. We are therefore developing a growing number of different centres both in and outside the UK and building a community of learners throughout the world.


In the UK, we currently have two centres, London and York, and outside of the UK, centres in Barcelona, Malta and the United Arab Emirates. Different students have different reasons for choosing where to study. Some might be attracted to the cosmopolitan nature and rich history of London; others might prefer the climate and beaches of Abu Dhabi or Barcelona;  the lower cost of living in Malta; or the attractions of studying on a university campus in York.


It is also possible to study part of the course at one centre before moving on to another, and we will be happy to help you with all necessary accommodation and visa arrangements.


You can be confident that the course and the quality of the teaching will be the same wherever you study as will the pathways to different UK universities, so do have a look at the different centre pages and decide on which one is right for you.


For enquiries on all locations, do contact us on info@intfoundationgroup.co.uk

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