IFG’s mission is to help students fulfil their academic dreams by providing pathways to UK and Australian university qualifications.  We are dedicated to offering our student the support, choice, and quality they require during their journey towards study at either undergraduate, masters or PhD level.

Our Programmes

Our main offer is our range of University Foundation Programmes, which are recognised and accepted by a wide range of high-ranked universities including Birmingham, Leeds, Queen’s University Belfast, Swansea UEA, Essex, Reading & Coventry. IFG is therefore able to guarantee that so long as students pass their Foundation Programme and achieve the required English language level, they will receive offers for a wide range of exciting and career enhancing undergraduate (bachelor) degree courses.

All IFG students get one-to-one advice on their university options, and we are proud of the fact that 100% of students who applied for a UK Russell Group university in 2021 & 2022 received at least one offer from them.

We also offer a range of Pre-Masters, Diploma and English Language programmes.

Our Teaching Centres

Students can choose to study at our London centre or at our campus in Abu Dhabi, which both offer a supportive and caring environment with small class sizes.  Or if you want to study closer to home, we have a worldwide network of partner teaching centres who also teach a range of IFG programmes to students who want to study locally – current partner centres include Turkey, Nigeria, Ghana, Iraq, Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Egypt & Mongolia.

Our teachers and our mission

Our teachers and staff have many years of experience and a passion to help students achieve their potential. Their focus is to ensure you get the qualification you need to enter university and to help you develop the skills you need to succeed at the next academic level and in your career.

IFG Accreditations

IFG London is accredited by the Accreditation Service for International Colleges (ASIC).  During the last inspection in December 2021 IFG was congratulated on several points including:

  • the enthusiasm and commitment of the senior management team
  • the attention given to the delivery of the programme
  • its well-qualified and experienced staff
  • the high standard of the teaching observed
  • it’s systems for programme review and analysis of student performance
  • its rapid and constructive response to student feedback
  • its ethical approach to marketing and student recruitment

IFG is also an accredited exam centre for Trinity College London English language exams and a partner college for LanguageCert online exams. Plus, certain IFG Programmes are accredited or endorsed by Ofqual authorised awarding bodies (please contact us for specific details).

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