Ayisha Faizar

Ayisha studied on our Foundation in Computer Science.
She chose to study online in our virtual classrooms and completed the course in June 2021 with an A grade.
She has now secured her place at the University of Leeds and she will start her degree course in September 2021.
“When I started the course at IFG, I was a little apprehensive about studying online as I hadn’t done this before. However, I quickly got used to it and things were made far easier by the help I received from my teachers. The lessons were easy to follow and it was helpful to be able to watch the recordings later on and make sure I understood everything. I was also able to email the teachers at any time if I was not sure of a particular point and they would always reply to me very quickly.
The course seemed to fly by and I really enjoyed the whole experience. I am thrilled to be going on to one of the top universities in the UK and am so glad that I chose IFG as my pathway to Leeds.”


Ayisha Faizar

Mustafa Abubaker


Studying in the UK was a huge challenge for me at the beginning when I first came from my home country Sudan. I was confused, not sure what to do and would be the best track for me. I did my IGCSEs in Khartoum and had two options either to go for a two year A-level program or one year foundation programme in order to attain a University admission. Gaining a university degree was crucial for me and it was important that I get into a credible one too. After deep thought and through research I decided to go for a foundation programme and join International Foundation Group (IFG). For so many reasons it was the best decision I ever made. At IFG I joined a foundation programme in Engineering specially tailored for potential engineering students. A comprehensive one-year programme that provides a foundation for all main areas of engineering including civil, mechanical, electrical and electronic, chemical and petroleum. I am now a full time Civil Engineering Student at the University of Birmingham. At IFG I had the best learning experience of my life. Before joining, Physics was not my cup of tea. I enjoyed Maths and Chemistry more; but meeting Dr.Chris Skilbeck, my Physics teacher there forever changed my perception! I never enjoyed Physics this much before, the material he provided us, and his teaching methods were so helpful especially the mechanics part which gave me a huge advantage and helped me throughout semester one at University and I am so grateful for that. Another important experience that stood out for me was the massive support I received from my programme coordinator Mr. Michael who coached me throughout the application process (a key success for entering University in the UK). I could not have done it without his unlimited and superb unconditional support. Despite the complexity and details of the UCAS application process, he made it seem easy and felt like a piece of cake being by my side throughout. I was fortunate to get offers from five of the finest UK universities. I attribute my success to IFG and to my great mentor Mr. Michael, thank you for everything and for your sincere support. In addition, the communal atmosphere at IFG was another advantage where I met many international students, some from my home country and I felt a great sense of bonding and belongingness. This really supported my mental wellbeing and encouraged me to excel, indeed the best experience ever!

Mustafa Abubaker

Rahaf Abdelhafiez

Rahaf photo

For a person that has spent most of their life switching between schools and colleges, IFG felt like home. Every single teacher, and staff member made it their responsibility to help us through our course. They also made the cultural transition of studying abroad for a scared 18 year old who had never flown anywhere without her mother much easier. From the moment that I was picked up at the airport until applying for my visa for my university course that is starting in next September, IFG has provided me with more than the help I need in everything, finding an outstanding accommodation, choosing my options for universities based on my preferences, and then helped me with all the details. Overall, this year has been magical, with the friendly staff, the unique teaching methods, all the knowledge that I have gained, the culture I explored, the lectures and seminars they provided, the fact that I got an offer from my dream university, and the friendships that I made that will last a lifetime.

Rahaf Abdelhafiez from Sudan. Rahaf gained a Grade A in our Engineering Foundation and received offers from high ranked universities including Birmingham, Sussex and Leeds to study Mechanical Engineering

Rahaf Abdelhafiez

Zack Lin


At the start of the year I came to IFG London from Taiwan. I am very happy I chose IFG’s Foundation Programme! 

At IFG the teachers are very helpful. Whatever the issue is, whether it was frustration in learning or something outside the college, they always provided solutions. Part of the course was learning communication and study skills, which enable international students to adapt more quickly to the learning model of UK universities.

At IFG, even if you are a novice in the module you are studying, there is no need to be nervous as the teachers really care and will take the time to explain. Students get the personal attention they deserve and need.

IFG also provided ample resources and supported me when selecting and applying to universities and receiving offers, then advising which universities would be most suitable and the best.

I recommend international students come here. They will get the best experience!

Zack Lin who has an offer from Aston University to study Marketing.

Zack Lin

Allen Liao

Allen with host mother

During my time studying at IFG, I received a lot of appreciation and support. 

As an Asian student from Taiwan, my performance with studies had been not bad. The courses at IFG were easy to adapt to and I quickly started getting good results.

My relationships with the teachers was excellent. Whenever I needed help, they provided it.

When applying to universities, the stages of procedure were often unclear. IFG gave me comprehensive help and support with these steps to complete the applications and receive offers in good time.

The teachers’ diverse teaching methods increased my interest in the subject. Whenever I had a question, the teacher would be happy to explain the answer, even after the class had ended.

I am very grateful to IFG for their help and support through it all. I also hope more Asian students will benefit by joining IFG and enjoy life in London!

Allen Liao who has secured a place at Bristol, University of West of England to study International Business.

Allen Liao


Agigi National Gallery

I have just finished my foundation course at IFG and will go to university in September. Everyone has been so friendly, helping me with the application process and giving guidance at each stage of applying to university.

Teachers have also been really helpful, explaining topics clearly and making us understand the assessment tasks.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Michael who has taken overall care of us. He is a most s honest person, always telling us the truth. He also keeps a close eye on us, reminding us what we have to doand leading us on the right path towards to a good university.

Thank you Michael! Thank you, IFG!

Agigi from Taiwan who has offers from Royal Holloway, Brunel and Sussex for a degree in Film Studies


Sammy Ivwurie

Sammy Ivwurie

I have now just started my LLB at Reading University and really enjoying the experience.

IFG provided a great foundation giving me the skills I needed for studying at university and helping me step by step with the process of choosing the right university

Sammy Ivwurie

Lijia Zhong


I am an 18-year-old student from China. I had never traveled alone, so it was particularly important to choose the right university-pathway college when I decided to study in England.

After a much consideration, I finally chose IFG. The six months I spent there proved that my choice was a good one. IFG’s learning environment is very good. The interior and facilities are comfortable and smart, the learning atmosphere is positive, and I would like to emphasize that the teachers are very experienced and patient.

As an international student my biggest concern was the language barrier.

Whenever I asked a question, the teacher always answered patiently, which really increased my confidence. When I made my applications to universities, my mentor always coordinated smoothly and swiftly.

The outstanding personal teaching at IFG was the key factor as to why I was able to enter the ideal university.

Once again, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks.

Lijia Zhong studied on our Foundation in Business last year and has now secured a place at the University of Birmingham

Lijia Zhong

Eddie Uwawah

Eddie Photo

Eddie received offers from Royal Holloway, Swansea, Brunel, Westminster and Hertfordshire

I had a wonderful study experience at IFG. The teachers and staff were extremely nice and made me feel really welcome. I made lots of new friends and had the chance to visit a few sites courtesy of the college.

The teaching techniques were a bit different from what I’m used to but I’d say it’s a lot better and I prefer it. it made learning easier and understanding not a problem. I wish I had more time to spend there but unfortunately my course had to come to an end.

It’s such an amazing college and I highly recommend it to anyone considering studying in London!

Eddie Uwawah