We appreciate the importance of living in comfortable and safe accommodation and help students to arrange this before they travel to one of our teaching centres.


Many students enjoy living in student halls of residence where they have their own ensuite bedrooms and share the kitchen and living room with about six flatmates. We can arrange a room in one of these halls which has 24 hour security and is clean, modern, and only a short distance from your College.


Costs vary from one town to another but the following are approximate prices:


London£200 per week
York£150 per week
Barcelona€120 per week


Other students prefer to live in private accommodation which will vary in price depending on location and accommodation provided.


Another option is to stay with a family. Homestays are a good way, in London or York, to improve your English and understand better the lifestyle of people in your new environment . It’s also ideal if you don’t like cooking! Generally this type of accommodation is cheaper than staying in a student hall of residence.

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