University Foundation Programmes

We offer University Foundation Programmes in five fields: business management, law and social sciences, computer science, medicine and engineering. They are all designed to give you a sound academic background and the necessary tools to succeed at the undergraduate level. They offer an attractive alternative to the A level route to university with a shorter study period and a more practical approach, helping you to understand skills such as correct referencing, creating and delivering effective presentations, working in a team, debating and constructing essays. There is a strong focus on evaluation and application of knowledge, and on how to analyse and develop balanced arguments. These skills take time to develop and many students who go directly from school to university are placed at a disadvantage. You will complete our university foundation courses with enhanced confidence in your ability to gain a good degree and progress to a successful career.

Our University Foundation Programmes have excellent progression routes to high ranked universities click here for more details – and include individual advice on applying to university and choosing the right course and place to study, as well as one to one assistance in all stages of the application process.

Courses are taught over two semesters with a mixture of core subjects which have a focus on developing the skills required for university study and depth subjects which give students the background knowledge required for their chosen degree courses.

Classes equip students to function successfully not merely in English but, more specifically, at a particular academic level. It enables them to produce a linguistic style which is relevant to their chosen discipline; for example, the laboratory report in Chemistry follows one style, while a Management style follows another. IFG teachers guide university foundation students by helping them to notice, through extensive reading, how writing is constructed within their discipline in order that they might emulate and develop confidence in their own writing.

In addition to the special focus of each foundation course, there are some common areas of study within the foundation programme and these include:
  • understanding and avoiding plagiarism
  • developing vocabulary through in-depth study of academic word lists (AWL)
  • practising note-taking and summarising skills, some of which will be based on lectures in real time
  • noticing particular structural uses and applicable conventions, for example the use of the active or passive voice
  • understanding and practising the construction of thesis statements
  • structuring an essay through appropriate ordering and linking of paragraphs
  • preparing and delivering a presentation, individually or as part of a group

Teaching is supported by a wide range of online resources in our virtual learning environment.

At the end of the university foundation course, students complete a small project which consolidates the knowledge and skills which they have received during the course and makes them even more prepared for their degree level studies.

To apply for one of our foundation courses, simply complete our online application form.

Successful completion of your IFG Foundation Programme offers a pathway to an extensive range of career-enhancing undergraduate programmes in your chosen field. While studying at IFG you will receive one-to-one advice to help you decide on the best university and course options plus IFG will guide you through you application. For more information on our university partners and advice please click here.

IFG Foundation Programmes September 2024

As our teaching centres will now be open again in January, we offer the option of either joining us in London or Abu Dhabi or studying online in our virtual classroom.

In January, if you have been studying online, then you can either continue to do this or complete your course with us at one of our centres until June.

Start dates:

Monday 30th September 2024
Monday 6th January 2025

University Foundation Programmes