United Arab Emirates

There are many great reasons for wanting to study in the UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi) and it’s no wonder that so many universities from all over the world have chosen to set up a campus here. For a start, it is within a five hour flight to over half the world’s population and its beaches and 12 months of sunshine are a great attraction for over 70 million visitors each year.


 The UAE is very welcoming to international students and offers a secure environment with one of the lowest crime rates in the world as well as a rich cultural heritage and multicultural environment.


IFG has its study centre in the capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi at Khawarizmi International College. KIC was the first private higher education institution to be accredited and licensed by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education. It offers associate and bachelor degrees in a wide range of areas including business, information technology and health management. In 2016, it opened a superb new campus where IFG’s courses are taught.


Students can choose from foundation programmes in Business or Social Sciences and our unique model allows you to study Term One at KIC and then progress to IFG’s centres in central London or York for Terms Two and Three.


Course offered:


Foundation programmes in Business and in Social Sciences (first term in the UAE and terms two and three in the UK).

Pre-Masters in Business Management

Intake dates: September and January

Length of courses: 9 months

Tuition fees: £12,000 (for the complete course)


For further information, please contact us on info@intfoundationgroup.co.uk