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Including Diploma in Business Management, Leadership and Innovation accredited at Level 6 by Qualifi, an Ofqual awarding body.

The two biggest challenges facing organisations today are the need to innovate and adapt to a rapidly changing environment. The need to be creative and flexible in following sustainable and long-lasting strategies has never been greater and only organisations with imagination and who embrace diversity will survive and flourish.

Our original, contemporary and fascinating course can be taken as a self-standing qualification with an award of 120 credits at Level 6 (equivalent to the final year of an undergraduate degree) as well as providing a progression route to full masters programmes at leading UK universities.

A particular aim of our Pre-Masters is to provide students who do not meet standard entry requirements, with the opportunity to improve their academic qualifications and provide an introduction to the modern business environment which they will be exposed to in a masters degree.

Learners will gain insight into the functioning, objectives, and processes of organisations, appreciating their diversity and the influences and impact of external forces on them. Emphasis is placed on the ability to adapt management concepts, tools, and techniques to align with organisational culture and apply critical reflective thinking.

Through practical insights you’ll learn how to continuously innovate in your core business. Exploring the latest design thinking and open innovation frameworks will help you drive innovation effectively within an established organisation or growing venture.

The course is taught in small groups both at our London centre and in our virtual online classrooms.

The course offers progression to top UK university business schools including the University of Derby ranked 16th in the Guardian University Guide for 2021. Students can choose from the following masters programmes at Derby: International Business Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Finance and Hospitality Management.

Learning Outcomes

The overall learning outcomes of the programme are:

  • Critical evaluation of the implementation and challenges of contemporary leadership, and the different leadership styles deployed globally which take account of multi-cultural dimensions.
  • Critical analysis of business sustainability, and how leaders integrate the needs of the local, national and global environment to achieve business growth.
  • Critical analysis of decision making in a financial context, and its impact on financial markets.
  • Critical analysis of management and leadership in different cultures, and how these impact on governance practices.
  • Critical analysis of the impact of entrepreneurship and innovation in addressing societal challenges.
  • Critical analysis of how to manage corporate risks to enhance stakeholder value and achieve business resilience and growth.

Prepare the student for successful application to, and study for, a UK Masters’.

Course Content

Unit 1: Leadership in a Changing World. 20 credits
The aim of this module is to develop the learner’s critical thinking, problem solving and leadership skills. They will be introduced to techniques allowing for the evaluation of leadership-related concepts and communicate to different audiences using a wide range of media. The unit will also aim for the learner to be able to analyse their own leadership style, potential and capabilities.

Unit 2: Introduction to Contemporary Business Strategy: Sustainable Business Growth. 20 credits
This module introduces the learner to the theoretical underpinnings of business sustainability. They will be guided how to analyse initiatives introduced to drive sustainable business growth on an international basis. Learners will be expected to suggest solutions for responsible management and how businesses might respond to sustainability issues that have an impact on individuals and organisations.

Unit 3: Finance for Strategic Decision Makers. 20 credits
The module develops the learner’s ability to evaluate financial information and other data necessary for making informed management decisions. You will learn how to apply and evaluate a range of accounting and data analysis techniques, as well as understand the workings of the financial markets. Learners will be expected to understand and apply Excel spreadsheets and recognise good spreadsheet practice in a business context.

Unit 4: Leadership and Management in Multicultural Contexts. 20 credits
The aim of this module is to introduce learners to different cultural and institutional differences between national and regional contexts and their implications for leadership and management. Learners will be taught how to evaluate the challenges of working in different national and regional contexts and to have a critical understanding of one’s own management and leadership practice.

Unit 5: Creating Futures: Sustainable Enterprise and Innovation. 20 credits
This module introduces learners to a wide range of strategies, processes and operations of business enterprises. Learners will evaluate the impact of innovation and entrepreneurship on society at a conceptual and a practical level. They will be expected to be able to analyse the responsibilities of founders, managers, employees, and directors within types of sustainable and innovative enterprises.

Unit 6: Sustainable Risk Management. 20 credits
Sustainable Risk Management introduces learners to the holistic nature of risk management and strategic decision- making in organisations with sustainability and ethical objectives Learners will be expected to be able to evaluate the use of quantitative and qualitative techniques to manage risk in a business context.

Supporting Modules

Business English
This module aims to increase the vocabulary and specialist terminology required in business fields. It explores a range of business contexts and demonstrates how to behave and perform in an international business environment. The module is taken in the first term of the programme.

Study Skills for Postgraduate Study
This module provides students with an opportunity to develop the skills required for studying at graduate level focusing on research methods for business. In undertaking this module, they will develop academic skills which will see them develop as critical thinkers and gain analytical skills which help in presenting complex arguments.

Business Ethics
Business Ethics provides students with an opportunity to identify and consider common ethical issues and how these apply in a business context. Consideration will be given to their causes and their consequences. Examples of ethical and unethical business practice and cross cultural issues will be considered, along with the provision of techniques of ethical management.

Course Structure

The course comprises six 20 credit modules. Three additional modules are included which help to support student development and ability to achieve high grades.

20 credit modules Non-credit bearing modules
Semester One


M1 to M3 = 20c each

M1: Leadership in a Changing World Business English + Study Skills
M2: Introduction to Contemporary Business Strategy: Sustainable Business Growth
M3: Finance for Strategic Decision-Making
Semester Two


M4 to M6 = 20c each

M4: Leadership and Management in Multicultural Contexts Business Ethics + Critical Application
M5: Creating Futures: Sustainable Enterprise and Innovation
M6: Sustainable Risk Management
Entry Requirements

Learners will be expected to hold the following:

  • First Degree, Third Class Honours or above, or
  • Considerable experience but no formal qualifications may be considered, subject to interview and being able to demonstrate their ability to cope with the demands of the programme.
  • In the case of applicants whose first language is not English, then IELTS 6.0 (or equivalent) is required. For students who do not have this level of English, Pre-Sessional courses are available. Click here to find out more.
Programme Length

One academic year

Intake Dates

Start dates:

Monday 30th September 2024
Monday 6th January 2025


IFG Pre-Masters Courses September 2024

We offer the option of either joining us in London or Abu Dhabi or studying online in our virtual classroom.

In January, if you have been studying online, then you can either continue to do this or complete your course with us at one of our centres until June.

Start dates:

Monday 30th September 2024
Monday 6th January 2025

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