If you are coming to study with us from other countries, you may need to apply for a visa. You can check this from this link: The UK has a long tradition of welcoming students from overseas and currently issues about 200,000 study visas each year.

Visas for UK

There are different types of visas depending on your age and the length of your course. If you are applying for a course of less than six months then you can now study on a standard visitor visa:

Students studying with us on English language courses can stay for up to 11 months. For these courses, you need to apply for a short term study visa to study English:

More detailed information can be found on the UK Visas and Immigration website and there is also lots of useful advice on the UK Council for International Student Affairs site. We are very happy to advise you in detail on all aspects of the visa application process, so do please get in touch at any time.